SmartPantry is a Swiss startup creating an innovative virtual kitchen assistant app aiming to help families reduce food waste.

According to the Federal Office for the Environment in Switzerland, every year a total of 494’000 tonnes of food is unnecessarily wasted in households in Switzerland alone. In addition to unnecessary financial expenses, food waste also has a major impact on the environment.

SmartPantry is currently supported by JUGEN Food SA and incubated at CP Startup. In 2019 the team reached the finals in the startup challenge BoldBrain. In the spring 2020 SmartPantry received credits from Innosuisse in the form of an Innocheque to realize a preliminary R&D study in collaboration with CodeLounge (Software Institute, USI).

  • Smartphone
  • Environment
  • Economy


Simple Platform

An easy to use smartphone app to track purchase and use of household groceries for families, shared households and individuals.

Reduce Food Waste

Using food consumption tracking and algorithms the kitchen assistant can help the user to reduce food waste and thereby help save the world's resources.

Increase Awareness

Through information on shelf life, storage, nutrition and environmental impact the user can easily understand and increase his or her awareness around food.

Main Features

Household grocery management directly in the smartphone.
Always know what is available, what is about to expire and what is missing.

  • Inventory Visualizations

    Get a clear picture through a quick glance. Green is good. Orange expires soon. Red needs to be used immediately.

  • Automatic Expiry Notifications

    Proactive notifications before a given product expires. Use what is available before throwing it away.

  • Easy Inventory Import

    Add new items through the built in shopping list or scan the supermarket receipt after purchase. All through a few clicks.

  • Consumption Tracking

    Easily track what has been consumed using a smartphone or the voice assistant. "Hey Siri, I took a glass of milk and an apple."

  • Nutritional Information

    Get nutritional information about products. Track nutrition through food consumption.

  • Food Storage Suggestions

    Be informed about best storage practices for storing in order to prolong the lifetime of the items.

  • Shopping List

    Create shopping lists directly in the app to easily add items to the inventory during shopping.

  • Savings Reports

    See food waste reduction and savings over time.


Giacomo Imperato

Giacomo Imperato

Co-Founder and CEO

Holds a Bachelor in Economics from Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) in Lugano

Jesper Findahl

Jesper Findahl

Co-Founder and CTO

Junior R&D Software Engineer at CodeLounge (USI), holds a Master in Informatics from USI

Alec Bernasconi

Alec Bernasconi


Holds a Bachelor in Economics from Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) in Lugano

Gianfranco Imperato

Gianfranco Imperato

Legal and Finance Manager

CEO at Trasteel, holds an MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleau

Giovanna Pedroni

Giovanna Pedroni

Nutrition and Food Expert

Studies Health Sciences and Technology at ETH Zurich

Jenny Findahl

Jenny Findahl

Graphic Design

Freelance graphic designer and illustrator since 2001

Sara Mangialavori

Sara Mangialavori

Software Developer

Studies Software & Data Engineering (Master) at USI, Lugano